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"Life is the flower for which love is the honey." -Victor Hugo

your happily ever after

We are unbelievably excited to be a part of your wedding! Flowers are a staple, for good reason, for celebrations of love; they help set the tone, color and ambience. Just as your event has been months in the making, so are our flowers. We scour seed catalogs looking for the perfect color combinations, textures, and in-style designs, spend months sowing and tending the little seedlings, and then hand select the freshest, in-season blooms, cut specifically for you. We offer you a personalized floral experience that no other florist can offer; a chance to be involved in your flower's story.

Our style is not traditional; it is wild, textural, and seasonally inspired. We are proud to provide a variety of unique and amazing flowers that other florists, flower markets and wholesalers do not have access to. Being a florist with a small, sustainable farm allows us to have the power to source our own seed and you are guaranteed a product grown with our beloved environment in mind.

Our mission with TopaFlora is to provide you an experience unlike any you have had before. We offer full-service floral design, a la carte options, instillations and rentals, as well as a limited number of DIY buckets during our high-season, July through October.

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