Soil and Soul

Ojai, California is a beautiful mountain town where a magical mix of Mediterranean climate and Chaparral desert ecosystem create the unique growing conditions for our farm. We are no stranger to heat and often we will not see a drop of rain from March to November. At the base of the Topa Topa mountains is Dog Days farm; two acres where we grow an amazing variety of cut flowers for our small valley and surrounding counties. Our farm specializes in hard to find and rare varietals of blooms that we use in our beautifully unique arrangements, weddings and events, as well as sell to local distributors, groceries, and florists.  Our goal is to set ourselves a part, and in turn, set you and your event apart from everyone else. 

We are not certified organic, but we are committed to growing our flowers in a sustainable and natural fashion. We use horse manure from local barns, mix our own compost tea, create mixes of essential-oils for pest-management, rotate our field and use cover-crops to ensure the continued health of our soil. The only way to ensure that the flowers in your bouquet are grown with your environment in mind is to buy from your local flower grower. 

We are proud to be a part of the Floret Flowers Directory and certified with SlowFlowers and American Grown.


it takes a village


Dog Days Farm is a lot of flowers, but few hands. MacKenzie Curtis and Sean Krumhauer are the hearts behind the blooms and are fueled by their love for each other and for their community.

the rare and beautiful


We are unbelievably excited to offer a variety of flowers that are hard to find at your local florist, distributor or flower market! Our seeds, tubers and bulbs are sourced from reputable growers and companies, and are then started in our on-site greenhouse. We take the utmost care in our baby blooms and one season is months of planning, buying and collaborating to bring you the most exquisite arrangements.



care and love


We love what we do and work hard doing it. It is months and years in the making, especially when dealing with perennials. Our flowers are pollinated by local bees and butterflies and our sunflower heads feed our native bird populations! We love the relationship we are cultivating in our fields and we want to share that with you!