Back Talc Powder for Painting & coatings
                                          Product introduction
                                          primarily in industrial paint and coatings, wood lacquers, printing inks, fillers as well as in various
                                          coatings. Due to the characteristics of talc, it is suitable for paints and coatings.
                                          The lamellar, hydrophobic and chemical inert structure of talc makes it to a perfect filler for
                                          the industry. Talc increases coverage and weather resistance of the products. The use of
                                          talc creates a barrier effect, which limits the penetration of water and corrosive agents into
                                          paints and coatings. This properties lead to a reduction in bubble formation, corrosion and

                                          Effects and benefits
                                          1. Improve durability of the applied paint.
                                          2. Improve visual properties.
                                          3. Improve adhesion properties.