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    Back Composite flame retardant (JH-2000A)
    Product Introduction
    JH-2000A is our new developed composite flame retardant  for direct substitute of  antimony trioxide in  PVC application, JH-2000A is suitable for use in all kinds of PVC,  especially flexible PVC, and in PVC application, there are a number of attractive performance attributes and features as listed below
    1) Good flame-retardant efficiency
    2) High whiteness, JH-2000A can be used in products with high whiteness request.
    3) Has good dispersion during mix processing, which lead to no change for the material mechanical properties of end products.
    4) Environmental friendly, and the raw material is very easily available.
    5) Cost effective
    Appearance:  White  powder
    Whiteness >97%
    Particle Size (D50) <3.5um
    Particle Size (D98) <12um
    Loose Bulk Density: 0.25