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    Product Introduction
    Brucite is a mineral type flame retardant which has property of nontoxic, tasteless, good stability, non-volatile high decomposition temperature and non-corrosive, it has been widely applied in plastic and rubber industry. 
    Flame Retardant Mechanism
    Mg ( OH ) 2 —— MgO + H2O
    1. Take heat away from the flame at 340℃
    2. Water vapors dilute volatile polymer decomposition products ( fuel )
    2. Form protective metal oxide layer on polymer surface
    1. PVC, CPE, Halogen free Cable Material
    2. Rubber Cable, Electronic Wire and Power Line
    3. Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)
    4. Copper-clad Plate/Laminated Board
    5. Thermal shrinking material
    6. Polyurethane Heat Preservation Materials
    7. TPO waterproof material
    8. Potting of smidahk
    9. Thermal Conductive Plastic